Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How about Alternative PRESIDENTIAL Oversight?

I'm still opposed to the whole ALPO deal ... the idea of parishes seeking oversight from bishops outside their dioceses was one thing but now for whole dioceses to be jumping ship and affiliating with Bolivia or Uganda or Nigeria or Whoever is (to overstate the obvious) a different can of worms.

So I was ranting about this to a vestry member last night who didn't quite "get" the implications of it all and found myself saying, "OK -- let me put it this way: it makes as much sense for a diocese that isn't happy with the decisions of the Presiding Bishop to ask to be under the authority of the Primate of Uganda as it would for a state that wasn't happy with the decisions of the President of the United States to ask to be under the authority of the Prime Minister of Canada!"

And he paused.

And I paused.

And we both went ... hmmmm ...

And I think I'm going to leave it at that.

PS -- Here's the text of the President's 9/11 Address in case you missed the chance to get outraged at his further politicizing our national tragedy as a defense for his indefensible war.


Bruno said...

I was opposed to ALPO also but,,,,,
Hmmmm now,,, if we could get a package deal... naw,,probably wouldn't work.

Bateau Master said...

The analogy only works if the President was selected by Senators (with near life time tenure) selected by State Legislatures!

Our PB selection process is diffuse representation to say the least!

Ellie M said...

LOL! Y'all do realize that the current prime minster up here is CONSERVATIVE, right?!

-- a Canadian


ellie ... I could LIVE with a compentant conservative!