Monday, April 10, 2006


Walden the AWOL Cat Returns!
Walden-the-Bold was found safe, sound and hungry nearly FOUR WEEKS after going AWOL on the Ides of March -- and has now settled down for a much needed nap with his old buddy, Harvey. Thanks to all who offered prayers and encouraging words during the dark days and nights -- rejoice with us! The lost is found and the fatted calf is on order! (See also: "Is anything impossible ...?")


J.C. Fisher said...

Awwwwww! ;-)

Happy for you, Walden, and Harvey, too. (Maybe it's time to de-bold Walden, and make him an Inside Cat?)

Hugo said...


revsusan said...

j.c. -- actually he was "de-bolded" many years ago and is already taking exception to being temporarily on "indoor assignment." Thanks for the good wishes.

Chip said...

Rejoicing with you on Walden's return, Rev.Susan.

Peace of Christ,