Friday, July 13, 2007

And a good time was had by all ...

Today I'm trying to have a geunine day off with decidely mixed results (phone calls from the office and a mostly-done-but-not-there-yet sermon for Sunday haunting me) but I have gotten a slew of housework done and am taking a break to post this "just sent to me via-cell-phone-camera" photo of me with Chad Allen and +Gene at last night's "Save Me" premiere at the OUTFEST Film Festival here in L.A.

So here we are ...

... a good time being had by all. (photo credit: Louise Brooks!)

Enjoyed the film VERY much ... Chad and co-stars Judith Light and Robert Gant were great and I think it's an important addition to the cultural conversation on faith, religion, tolerance, love and healing -- not of the orientation kind but of the relationship kind.

More later, probably. Back to laundryland!

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