Sunday, March 18, 2012

Latest Episode of "As The Anglican World Turns" reviewed in the Sunday NYT

There's an insightful piece in today's NYT by Ross Douthat on the resignation of Rowan Williams in specific and "As the Anglican World Turns" in general. Quote in point:
To be an Anglican bishop in Britain today, for instance, means shepherding a shrinking native-born flock alongside growing immigrant churches, trying to make religion relevant in a cosmopolitan and often anti-Christian culture, and figuring out whether the continent’s growing Muslim communities contain potential allies, potential rivals, or both. But to be a bishop in, say, Nigeria — where Christianity is expanding rapidly, secularism is almost nonexistent, and Islam looks like a mortal foe — means something very different. And asking a Welsh-born theologian to steward a Communion that probably holds more churchgoers in Lagos than Liverpool is a recipe for constant agony.
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[And if you happen to be keeping track of the Other March Madness brackets -- the CofE vote on the proposed Anglican Covenant -- the diocesan count stands at 20 in opposition/12 in favor with 22 needed to defeat and 44 to go. Stay tuned!]


Anonymous said...

I believe there a 12 more yet to vote in Diocesan Synod. At least three are expected to vote "no". I wonder if the ABC resignation will liberate more bishops and synods to do the right thing and make it an overwhelming rejection.

LGMarshall said...

It's curious, don't you think? No mention of... LORD Jesus the Christ! [hint: therein lies the rub.]


Hint: Matthew 7:21