Thursday, July 18, 2013

"I am NOT Trayvon Martin" ... a reality check for white people

h/t Katie Sherrod for this one ... Give this brilliant young woman 3:09 minutes and she'll give you hope for the next generation ... Seriously!


Weber B. said...

Young lady,

You are correct. You, I, we are NOT Trayvon Martin. You are correct that our system has created this situation.

But you are not correct to say you are George Zimmerman. You are not, and we can all thank God for that.

dianedp said...

Incredible video.
It made me realize that who I fear as a woman, are the southern, conservative, right wing men who are chipping away women's and others rights to health care, food stamps, unemployment benefits and abortion.

They scare me with their small minded, religiosity and their callous indifference towards minorities, children and the poor and oppressed.