Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#I Speak Out Because ...

When the Muslim Public Affairs Council started the hashtag #ISpeakOutBecause , they intended for users to take part by sharing why they stood against oppression around the world.

What they got was hijacked by a bunch of Islamophobic tweets ... and my response ...

 "#ISpeakOutBecause Islamophobic tweets are making the case for why standing together against ALL terrorism is so important"

... got included in the Aljazeera story.

My other favorite was the one I posted above ... making the point (I hoped) that blaming all Muslims for the actions of murderous, thugs who hijack religion as an excuse to perpetrate mayhem makes as much sense as blaming all Christians for the KKK -- who also lynched, murdered and terrorized people.

And yes, I know I'm on vacation. And yes, I know everything will still be a mess when I go back to work on Monday. And yes, I supposed I could have just curled up on the beach with a novel or Hillary's latest book and ignored it all.

But I didn't. I spoke out because sometimes that's the only thing you can do. And sometimes doing nothing is not an option.

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