Friday, September 12, 2014

Victory for Fred -- Justice for George: AZ Court rules recognition of their marriage

The news just broke: [AP]"A judge has handed a victory to a gay man who lost his spouse to cancer last month and was denied death benefits because Arizona does not recognize same-sex marriage."

The release from "Why Marriage Matters Arizona" included this quote "Today, a federal judge heard Fred’s motion—and we are happy to report that Judge Sedwick did the right thing. Fred & George’s marriage is now legally recognized in Arizona—and Fred will not be denied survivor benefits that he needs and so rightfully deserves."

It goes without saying that it is a bittersweet victory because George did not live to see his marriage recognized in his home state in his lifetime. But it is an incremental victory that is a stepping-stone toward the finish line of  marriage equality in our nation.

Equal protection is not equal protection until it protects all American equally. And today -- thanks to the diligence and determination of the marriage equality movement in general and to Lambda Legal in specific -- is a step in that direction.

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