Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Spin Cycle: Of Primates and Presidents

So the ONLY reason I would ever post something from Anglican Ink (AKA as the "Fox News" of Anglicanland) is as a teachable moment.

It's all about the spin, friends. In the above referenced article, the Ink folks are framing this as if TEC representatives going to a meeting they are not only elected but expected to attend is somehow news. And that would be because their earlier spin of the Primates Communique: that a slim majority of the Primates voting to excluded TEC voices from the ecumenical polity and doctrine dialogues under their purview equals getting booted off the Anglican Island. This is, in fact, a vast over-reach of their primatial authority aided and abetted by faux journalists whose charter is to make TEC look as bad as possible as often as possible before breakfast.

Stay with me.

How is this different than Mitch McConnell "framing" the fact that it is the President's job to nominate a Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia as something to be challenged? Saying "the American people deserve a voice in selecting the next Supreme Court Justice" as if the American people did not HAVE a voice in the election of President Obama -- twice -- is nothing other than the same kind of desperate effort to spin the facts on the ground into the world as they wish it were.

Bottom line: Senators don't get to tell Presidents what their job is and Primates don't get to vote churches off the Anglican Island.

And if we don't call foul on the erstwhile journalists who suggest otherwise then shame on us.


Grigsby said...

Amen! I was wondering when Integrity sent out their weekly digest why Conger's little pet peeves were being put forth. It's important to know that rat poison is 90% nutritious and delicious. It's Conger's 10% of poison that is dangerous.

Grigsby said...

Rat poison is 90% nutritious, and 10% deadly, much like Conger's poison pen.