Sunday, April 20, 2008

The NOT so perfect end ...

... to a long and productive week!

So we're home ... all is well and there was a LOT of great work done on behalf of the Gospel at both the Chicago Consultation meetings at Seabury-Western and then at the Integrity Board meeting following. And I really will reflect on all those interesting and important things later this week.
At the moment, however, I'm focused on re-entering life on the Left Coast and being grateful that our errant luggage was indeed located and reunited with us late last night.
Finally, to the very nice man from St. Thomas, Hollywood who said such nice things about this blog and about our work on LGBT equality to me last night at the Burbank Baggage Claim, thank you SO much ... and I hope the next time we run into each other I will not be so distracted by lost luggage and I'll get a chance to hear more about what you're doing in Hollywood and how our mission and ministry can connect! More later!


janinsanfran said...

Glad your bags turned up and you got home. You might be amused by this account of the last time that happened to us....

Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

St. Thomas Hollywood has one of the best liturgies in the Diocese (if not the Church as a whole), does some excellent work in its community and is "out front" with a thoughtful perspective on many issues. It is a leader in Church growth strategies and has much to teach the rest of us. However, it does have one area in need of change: the Rector does not permit men to sing alto in the choir, even though he welcomes women to celebrate Mass! Although this idea does not square with the Canons of the Church, my prayers continue for the enlightenment of Father Ian.

Thomas said...


Glad to hear that you were ultimately reunited with your luggage. It was actually Thomas (not the saint) from Trinity LA (Hollywood) who greeted you at the baggage carousel. And I really do appreciate all the amazing work you do through this blog and your presence throughout our church. I'm glad I cheered you a bit last night.



Well, at least I got the "Thomas" right ... onward and upward!

Caminante said...

While I am sorry you had to go through the lost luggage routine, you have to admit that it is less of a nuisance usually than not having them when you arrive somewhere foreign. Last year I went three days without my suitcase in El Salvador -- there you never know if it will show up again. Anyway, TACA gave me $50 and I managed to assemble enough of a wardrobe to carry me through until the suitcase arrived.

Jim said...

And they wonder why we want to carry on almost everything. ;;sigh;;

Last time they lost mine, I was coming home from a longish business trip. My laundry turned up two days after I did. The airline personnel did their best to be helpful, and I lost nothing but an opportunity to put things in the wash. Still, it is a pain, and I carry my computer and dulcimers with me.