Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game ...

Or, more accurately, take me out the DUGOUT CLUB at Dodger Stadium which is where we will in just a very few minutes be settling in to watch the Dodgers whup the Giants.

The only kind of "trickle down" economics that has EVER worked as far as I'm concerned is the occasional trickle down of tickets the rector gets offered and can't use ... and today my heart rejoices and is glad in it!

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Jim of L-Town said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

As a former Dodger fan (and still a closet one) forced to root for the Detroit Tigers I am envious of you tonight.
I well remember the days of my youth first at the Coliseum and later in the bleacher seats at Dodger Stadium.
There is little better than a right field bleacher seat on a warm night in Chavez Ravine.
Man am I homesick.

A sinner saved by God's Grace.

Jim from Michigan