Monday, September 17, 2012

Earth to Mitt Romney:

Away from the news all day I'm sitting here in near disbelief at the callous disregard of and utter contempt for 47% of the American people demonstrated by the words of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Ask my Iraq War veteran Obama supporting son if he's a victim. Ask my working overtime in the auto industry son if he's a victim. As for me, the only "victim" in this sad scenario is the truth that John 8:32 tells us will set us free ... Where do I order my "We Are The 47%" t-shirt, coffee mug and bumper sticker?

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Pat Klemme said...

Count me in on your t-shirt and coffee mug order. And thanks for shouting truth to power. That is a priceless photo of you!

Let me take a moment here. I don't know you and Louise except through your tireless blog which I've followed for years, but I feel an uncommon sadness in the wake of Louise's passing. I know from my own experience it takes a long time for a new sense of normal to settle in. God be present for you all as you adapt to life with Louise in a new way.

Peace and good memories,
Pat Klemme