Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself ...

... there is a place for you here!

This video was just "launched" for use in our newcomer/welcome ministry at All Saints Church in Pasadena -- and I thought it WAY too fabulous to hide under a bushel basket. (See also: Matthew 5:16)

And ... just in case you're in the neighborhood ... next Sunday (September 16th) is Homecoming Sunday ... Join Us!


Allie said...

I like the look of your Church Susan,especially that it's so outward looking and so inclusive. The baptism was just so full of joy for all parties!
A bit far for me to come though! x

kt+ said...

I am SO glad you decided this video shouldn't stay under a bushel - the light of All Saints' shines and encourages us here on the East Coast.
Thank you - Kit+