Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston

Holy God, look with grace upon the sorrows of your people in Boston. Remember them, O Lord, in your compassion; nourish their souls with patience; comfort the wounded with a sense of your goodness; lift up your countenance upon the first responders; and give us all peace -- in the name of the One who came to bring peace to the whole human family. Amen.


dianedp said...

I love to visit Boston. My husband grew up in MA and my daughter lives in the burbs, but works in Boston.
She lives close enough to the site that her street was closed off and armed guards are on her corners near her office. She said with huge guns.

I could not reach her after the blasts but in my heart, I knew she was OK. I prayed to God that she was OK and that those who died and those who were injured would find peace.
I sometimes feel that I pray to God only in times of stress and need.
Yesterday was a warm day, almost 50 but sunny with little wind.
We put up my pop up greenhouse and started moving my plants and seedlings in. I was so happy, everyone was safe, my cats were playing, J and I were working together.
I said a prayer of thanks to God.
I felt the same peace as I did on Monday.

RonF said...

Last night an MIT Police officer, Sean Collier, age 29 was shot and killed by one of the men now believed to have committed the Marathon bombings. He had been on the MIT Police force since 2012.

When I was at MIT I had a few occasions to interact with MIT Police officers. I found them to be very professional. They took their jobs seriously but did not take themselves excessively so. This is a very sad day at the Institute.