Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"None Of The Above"

Sounds like "none of the above" is the AAC recommendation on the candidates for Presiding Bishop in the latest AAC press release. Here's the "summary":

At General Convention 2006, the Episcopal Church faces a crossroad of decision and choice. Five of the candidates for Presiding Bishop – Bishops Alexander, Gulick, Jefferts Schori, Parsley and Sauls – would undoubtedly continue the current revisionist trajectory of the Episcopal Church, thereby ensuring further isolation. Bishop Jenkins would be led by accommodation, and Bishop Duque is simply an unknown quantity.

No candidate has articulated a commitment or pledge to uphold the historic faith and practice of Anglicanism, the primacy of Scripture in matters of doctrine, and the traditional teaching on marriage and sexuality.

None has stated a strong and consistent opposition to revisionism and the new gospel of ECUSA.

No candidate has committed to uphold recommendations from the Windsor Report calling for moratoria on blessings of same-sex unions and consecration of non-celibate homosexuals. Each candidate has expressed, however, a commitment to unity—in most cases, unity at the expense of truth. Each candidate has expressed some degree of desire to remain connected to the Anglican Communion but not at the cost of autonomy.

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