Friday, April 13, 2007

Report from the Front

There is a "surge" that appears to be working in Iraq ...

... but it's a surge of DEMOCRATS ... at least according to this bit of email from my Iraq-deployed son who emailed today with the "official" word of the extension of his deployment from July til October. (We'd gotten word from the Army "family center" Wednesday night.) He wrote ...

... everyone was pretty much ready for it, which doesn't mean that we weren't still pretty pissed off. i'm okay because i know about it right before going on leave, and i've just got a girlfriend i want to get back to. but other guys with kids or a baby on the way, or planning to get married - well i feel for them.

i think you'll be pleased the newest push within our flight at least is to vote for a democrat. some guys have been asking not to be referred to by their names, but instead as "mr. new democrat, even if it's hilary."

So there you have it -- a literal "report from the front" -- as he (happily!) begins to make his way home for a couple of weeks of leave ... first with the "east coast Russells" in Cape May NJ and then home here in Sunny Southern California for ten days the end of April. (Prayers invited for safe travel!)


Catherine + said...

Your son will have my prayers for safe travel and Godspeed, Susan.


Anonymous said...

More Americans are dying young from homosexual practice than are dying in Iraq. You expect your son to be protected. Why don't you help the sons of other women to be protected? The HRC won't be available to defend you at the Last Judgment.

Ann said...

Prayers all around.

Susan Russell said...

For "anonymous" ... while I habitually delete the daily comments you post on this blog regarding your obsession about "homosexual practice" I just decided to let this one through as a little "welcome to my world" for those who might be tempted to underestimate the size of this divide we continue to attempt to talk across.

As for the "Last Judgment" I'm feeling good to go, actually. Thanks for asking!

Jim said...

In Re: anonymous

As Hermoine Granger said, "What an idiot."

There are no published data that could even begin to support the assertion, and if there were, that would not make war OK. sheesh!

Rev. Susan, you will pardon me if I do not thank you for sharing this escapee from the cesspool's ravings?


joeomar said...

anonymous, shame on you! Why do you have so much hate in your heart? If you were only a Christian full of love. Hate and anger will only make your poor soul worse. You are now at the top of my prayer list. I am a proud American of the Vietnam Era, oh, and I am a homosexual who hardlly practiced, alive and well at the age of 53. God bless you, maybe you should consider a Roman Catholic exorcisom as venom just oozzes out of your mouth to this blog.

Great picture Susan, I had an appointment at the VA Medical Center on Thursday and just what I don't want to see, I saw. I was early and went to the cafateria, lo and behold, I saw a patient in wheel chair leg propt up with foot and ankle exposed, I had a 2 second flashback of the Vietnam war from the early 60's black and white tv, but I did well, I couldn't help but see this kid wheeling around looking for a spot/place to sit and all I could think (oh don't come here), and here he comes (God was and is with me), he came to my table and said "may I sit here", and with all the peace in my heart I said yes, (now the Holy Spirit had to be with me), I did my best to not look at his puffed up mangled foot and ankle as it was exposed, (about a year ago I would have had to take a 5 mg. valium, however, God gave me the courage to have a conversation, I did not bring up his wound, the war, however I knew I had at least $12.00 on me, I asked him if he wanted anything and he said are you sure, I said yes, he said ok I would love a cup of hot chocolate, so I went to starbucks and bought him the largest size they had. All he wanted to do was plug in in lap top and make sure his college papers went through. His name is Aldo, from Sylmar, I did ask him will he be ok and he said oh yea. So please pray for people like Bush and anonymous. I wonder what Jesus would say to anonymous?

Nina said...

Prayers from here.