Friday, April 20, 2007

Sexism Is Alive and Well ...

... and living in Titusonenineland!

Hardly breaking news, but hey ... it's a rainy day off and I'm two-down-three-to-go loads on the laundry scorecard and my hopes for a night at the Stadium watching the Dodgers beat Pittsburgh are fading as the rain gauge fills so I figured I'd wander around blogland for a little edification ... and here's what I found ... a sampling of titusonenine comments on this Chicago Tribune feature article on women clergy:


An unfortunate and aberrational experiment that needs to be ended by any Alternate Province, and the entire Communion.


I would not blame WO for all the ills of the Church. But, I would hold WO accountable for some of the ills of the church including:

* the feminization of the church so that men have less of a place, feel less welcome, and are less appreciated for the masculine qualities they bring.
* the disregard of ancient and legitimate church teaching and practice.
* the celebration of victimhood over truth in the church.
* a focus on emotional rather than rational argument in theology and morality.
* relativism.
* tolerance of apostasy.
* the infuences of wicca and other pagan symbolism and belief.
* tolerance of lesbianism and by extention homosexuality among men.
* the devaluing of law and order in favor of radical and novel and illicit practices.
* the adherence to the spirit of the age over the Holy Spirit.

I am sure there are more. These are just the ones I can think of at the moment.


I hope all those women “priests” are happy and are feeling completely self-actualized. There ought to be some social benefits for all the social, spiritual and emotional mahem their “life choices” represent. Not to mention that WO is contrary to divine revelation.


I knew ya'll would want me to "share the joy" ... but now I'm going to have to take a break from undermining civilization, destroying the family, splitting the church and the general mahem of my "life choices" as the dryer is buzzing and there's laundry to fold.


Bill Carroll said...

One would have thought that if women's ordination were so clearly, so problematic that such lucid champions of orthodoxy would have left the Anglican Communion decades ago.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the comic relief, Susan.

Anonymous said...

T'ain't funny Catherine+. Those of us who fought for WO long time ago know that it just takes a generation for things to go back the way they were.

+Jack Spong's hope for the fall of straight, white, male hegonomy may be in the beginning but it ain't here yet. Keep up the fight.

PseudoPiskie said...

"* the disregard of ancient and legitimate church teaching and practice."

This is my favorite. Those basically white males wrote the women out of the Bible so they could consolidate their power. "Ancient" in those terms doesn't go as far back as the Gospels or Paul, let alone Jesus. I prefer something closer to the original which means women were apparently equal to men in the early "church".

Ann said...

.... and I have seen some statistics that seem to indicate that men are more active where priests are women. something about not being treated like "sonny" and having "father issues"--- I think.

David said...

I always wondered about the point Fr. Bill makes.

And yet these "lucid champions of orthodoxy" are still hanging around and whinging...

Caminante said...

"* the celebration of victimhood over truth in the church." As if these comments aren't doing the same???

Anonymous said...

The very first person to see the risen Lord was Mary Magdalene, who then ran to tell the apostles, who were in hiding. God entered human life through a woman and chose a woman to be the first witness and announcer of the Resurrection. Where do these folks get off having problems with women's ordination? Without women, the thing we now call Chrsitianity would not exist. To come to another conclusion requires serious mental gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, and other liberal friends,

Not all conservative, orthodox Christians are wary of WO. Some of us appreciate the gifts women have brought to the ordained ministry, at all levels.

Sadly, we have not reached the same understanding of those with same-sex affections. But we are still "listening" and working to understand the different opinions and positions.

With kindest regards...