Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Holy Spirit Happening

If you aren't familiar with Holy Spirit Fellowship in L.A. you should be. It's an Emerging Episcopal Community in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area of Los Angeles -- you can check out their website here -- and I've been privileged over the years to attend their Thursday night services and to preside on occasion.

Last Thursday night was a great Holy Spirit Happening as the community welcomed Bishop Suffragan-elect Mary Glasspool. Of course I took my camera. And of course I want to share what a great time was had by all.


Jim said...

desert looks spectacular. In fact all the photos do. What a neat community!


Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

This sounds very "early church". After all, Christianity did start with house churches, and there is some evidence that women presided therein. Although I was raised on Solemn High Mass, I like this sort of celebration as well. What I DO NOT like is what that outfit on the westside is doing - church without Mass sometimes. No good.