Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The things you find ...

... when you're "spring cleaning" your desk!

Here's one of my favorite-cartoons-ever ... buried in the back of a file drawer behind old funeral bulletin files. It's one I remember having scotch taped to my office door when I was the day school chaplain at St. Peter's, San Pedro -- and one I thought deserved wider distribution. So ... VOILA!

(And yes ... I am easily amused!)

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Anonymous said...

I love these kind of cartoons. I used to have a whole book of them. Three I remember real well were called "the baptism", which showed a preacher holding a man underwater until he gave up his wallet; Moese: the Early years showing Moses as a kid parting his bathwater in the tub; and one where a preacher sees a man he promised to pray for and and quickly prays "Dear God, Help Bob, Amen" and then greets him saying "Bob, been praying for you."