Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's to you, Bishop Robinson!

Last weekend I flew to New Hampshire to be part of the diocesan celebration of the work and witness of Bishop Gene Robinson ... and I wrote a reflection on "what a difference nine years makes" for the Huffington Post:

The Bible tells us in Matthew 25 that Jesus is a whole lot more interested in how we treat "the least of these" than he is in our theologies or our liturgies, our doctrines or our dogmas. And so the legacy that Bishop Robinson leaves as he concludes his ministry as Bishop of New Hampshire is so much greater than just being the first openly gay bishop in the history of Christendom. It is a legacy of using the platform of privilege he has been given to continue to make a difference -- to continue to get the light through the cracks -- for absolutely anyone who has been told that they are outside the light of God's love.

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Pat Klemme said...

Beautiful. Thanks for shining a HuffPost light on Bp. Robinson's retirement and his advocacy for the NH Womens Prison Chaplaincy. I'll get a check off pronto.

The production reminded me of Louise's style. Wonder if they learned at her lens cap?

And you have finally caused me to realize that every time I've seen +Gene, I found myself humming...Coo, coo, ca choo, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you... Never made the connection. :)