Monday, November 12, 2012

Speaking of "Stuff" ...

Busy Monday with very little time to do anything other than the thing in front of me, but couldn't resist taking a minute to post this great list from MoveOn Civic Action -- in part in answer to those pundits who have decided that those who voted "blue" voted because they wanted "stuff."

They're absolutely right. And this is the "STUFF" we wanted:
1) We voted for the most privileged in our society to pay their fair shares of taxes, beginning by allowing the Bush tax breaks for the rich to expire.
2) We voted to reward companies who create jobs at home instead of those who export them to other countries.
3) We voted against redefining rape and curbing women's rights by bringing personal morality into governance, crossing the sacred line between religious preference and religious dominance.
4) We voted against privatizing social services such as Social Security, Medicare, and FEMA.
5) We voted for our students to have access to affordable education and be prepared for the job market upon graduation.
6) We voted for access to health care that puts people's well-being ahead of corporate bottom lines.
7) We voted to use the power of the federal government to help in the creation of jobs for Americans, be it by helping private companies or through needed social services, such as the repair of our aging infrastructure.
If you want to sign the petition to Congress, go here.
And now back to my regularly scheduled Monday!


ChristianProgressive said...

Thank you for a clear, reasoned response to people who speak without reason and responsibility for their words. Your voice is needed in our deeply divided landscape.

Matthew said...

And its not like the other side does not want stuff -- drilling in the ANWR, tax breaks for big oil, tax cuts for the rich, privatization of social security and medicare, subsidies for big ag and big oil and corn industry, increased military spending, more security for our embassies because apparently they think that would have prevented the death of the ambassador, more religious freedom exemptions for the catholic church, and on and on and on.

Matthew said...

p.s. so proud you made this list. Great job.

MarkBrunson said...

Sorry, meant to comment, but I had to share this to a wider audience, Susan. It's wonderful and passionate.

Thank you, my sister in Christ!

Pat Klemme said...

Signed the petition and posted it to Facebook. If I blog it, it will never be seen. Never doubt that your voice motivates us well. Btw, that really was a good list, no matter where it came from. ;)