Saturday, November 17, 2012

South Carolina and the Schism Cliff

While watching the morning news and continuing coverage of the looming "Fiscal Cliff" a friend's email cued me into Kendall Harmon's live blog  from South Carolina and the special convention convened to finally push the diocese over the Schism Cliff they've been heading toward for lo these many years. I literally couldn't make it past the first three sentences.

This is the guy who in 2003 could only muster "because homosexuality is like putting milk in a car -- it just doesn't work" in response to CNN's Susan Candiotti wanting to know WHY including gay people in the church was going to split it.

That was the best he could do then and nearly ten years later they're not doing any better. They have been hell-bent on turning differences into divisions for over a decade and now they are reaping what they've sown. I'm sad for Jesus but I cannot for life of me muster an ounce of anything other than bone deep weariness for this bunch and their penchant for polarization. Enough already!

And now, back to my regularly scheduled Saturday.


Indie Pereira said...

He probably should have read about biofuel before he said that thing about milk.

uffda51 said...

Over the years I’ve read a few of these lengthy and solemn summations by conservatives who have left TEC. I’m always struck by how the words “gay,” “lesbian,” and/or “LGBT” are never used. In this case, a transcribed statement of 3567 words (thanks, Micro-Soft, for the word-count and search features) depicts the conservatives as victims, forced out of their churches, but never identifies the very real persons conservatives wish to exclude.