Thursday, April 23, 2015

A comment on comments

As noted in the right column about half way down the page:
"Strongly held perspectives are appreciated. Ad hominem attacks will be deleted. When in doubt, revisit page 305 of the BCP and if what you're typing doesn't meet the "respect the dignity" clause of the Baptismal Covenant then save us both some time and energy and don't hit "send."
That said, please note that since I'm the one who moderates the comments on my blog, I consider comments calling me and other supporters of marriage equality "members of a hateful mob" to fall outside the bounds of [a] the Baptismal Covenant as well as [b] my comment posting guidelines so [c] they will be deleted.



Mel said...

Thank you, Susan!


And for the commenter who ripped me a new one for [a] attacking small businesses in Indiana while [b] spewing "hate speech" and [c] being hypocrite for drawing boundaries around acceptable comments on this blog [d] #LifeIsTooShort, dude. Take it someplace else. Seriously. Reading this blog is probably not good for your blood pressure and I'm not giving you a platform to rant anymore so Vaya con Dios. #Seriously