Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Eastertide Day Three Round-up

When I was a day school chaplain all our students knew that Easter wasn't just a day -- it was a season. A 50 day season. It was a point I reinforced over and over -- telling them Chaplain Susan didn't do 40 days of Lent to do just ONE day of Easter -- so we were going to celebrate all fifty of them!

So Happy Day Three of Eastertide!

If you're interested in what Easter looked like for us at All Saints Church, you can check out  these pics over on flickr.

And if you want to hear a groundbreaking Easter sermon, check out "A New and Fuller Life" by my rector, Ed Bacon: “The risen Jesus has gone back to work, dismantling the very crucifying system that crucified him. Alleluia, Alleluia!”

Finally, on this third day of Eastertide, I commend this excellent interview with Diarmaid MacCullough -- one of the foremost scholars of Christianity of our generation -- who offers from across the pond a brilliant critique of what Ed talks about in his sermon: "the dangerously narrow "pot-bound" version of Christianity that is far too narrow to convey the energy -- much less the truth  -- of  Jesus."

“His fame has given him a platform to write about contemporary Christianity, and he’s very much taken this on. I would say he’s become quite a prophetic voice for Anglicans.” -- Judith Maltby

Read it all here.

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