Sunday, July 16, 2006

Luna at Seven Months ...

Getting to be a VERY big girl!
(Check out MY blog here and see pictures of my dog mom & dad!)


Renee in Ohio said...

Awww--great picture!

My mom is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. Here's the puppy she's raising now--the picture is from March. Here he is in May, posing with Mom's other two dogs and the flowers I sent for her birthday. We just saw him over the weekend and he is well into his adolescence--big head, long legs...very well behaved. Our golden retriever and the Boston terrier from that second picture though--yikes! (Both "alpha" females.)

... said...

Luna is a real cutie! In addition to our human son, we have 4 more "children": a rescued greyhound (the diva of the house), a rat terrier who has no concept of how small she really is, a long haired female tortise-shell cat (who is full to brimming with spit and vinegar) and a long-haired male silver tabby who... well, he's just confused most of the time like his "MommyDaddy" ;-)

Thanks for sharing the picture of Luna,


Catherine + said...

She is so doggone cute!


Renee in Ohio said...

I posted about my mom's dogs upthread. Our own 4-legged family members are featured in my recent post here.