Sunday, July 16, 2006

Talking Across the Divide

Musings for a REALLY hot Sunday afternoon:
So IS there any way to talk across this particular divide or are we doomed to keep assaulting each other with our arsenal of talking points, scripture texts and theological soundbites until Jesus finally runs out of patience with us and gathers us into His loving embrace and leaves us with a much longer "things undone" than "things done" list?


Bruno said...

that is just the question we have been pondering at "All Saints East".
If they are not agaist us then they are with us, sounds great, until the realization that "they" view "our" participation in "getting the job done" invalidates the job!
Oh to just focus on God dwelling in every individual and acting accordingly.

David Huff said...

Love the comic, where'd you get it ?

revsusan said...

david ... honestly don't remember. someone emailed it to me when it was printed and i saved it in my "funny things to look at when i need a laugh" file

revsusan said...

P.S. ... but the cartoonist is Tim Eagan and his website is