Monday, July 10, 2006

What Elizabeth Said

From my friend, colleague, sister-priest and mentor Elizabeth Kaeton's blog, "Telling Secrets":

The time has come, my friends, to speak of sealing wax and wallpaper paste . . . and rules.The comment section of this Blog has begun to attract certain folk who think, somehow, that they can say what they want, no matter how vile or outrageous, and reprint as many articles from whatever current source they consider THE TRUTH.Not.

My dear friend Dave Golub, with whom I rarely agree on matters of doctrine or scripture, is absolutely correct in this matter: This is MY 'living room' and I do have rules and I am able, by the grace of God, to enforce them.

Read the rest here ... and know that while the Episcopal Church may be one church of two minds on some issues (per +Charles Jenkins) on this issue Elizabeth and I are two women of one mind. The lengthy posts on anal sex, the articles posted in the comment section you wish I'd posted for comment instead of the ones I did and the personal attacks ... on ANYBODY ... including fellow commenters ... will be deleted. Trash canned. Deep Sixed. Period.

Thanks for listening. Have a nice day.


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Thank you! There is much to discuss, much that can and should be discussed; and none of it requires vitriol, innuendo and gross mischaracterizations.

As Elizabeth said in her comments, its your living room, your rules. We don't invite rude people into our homes, and blogs are an extension of our homes, so there's no reason to assume that rude people's commentary should be welcome here either.

For what its worth, the same applies to my blog (should there ever be a time to enforce some housekeeping).


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gordon said...

Amen! Preach it Sister!
And Amen and praise the Lord for Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton,too.
You're both great ladies in our church. Thanks be to thee we have ya both!

David Huff said...

Yeah, what Gordon said ;)

RMF said...

Good idea. You're more than entitled to delete posts that are clearly offensive, inflammatory, or serve no other purpose than to harass.

Catherine + said...

What Gordon and dave huff said!!!


GL+ said...

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