Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Retail Therapy

So here's the perfect present for the somebody-who-has-everything ... a "love them anyway" mousepad designed by our favorite Minnesota Mom, Sara McGinley and available online at Cafepress ... something I didn't know anything about but clearly need to find out more. Happy Shopping!


inked said...

Seems like VGR knows how to properly attribute, now if we can just get Schorri into the habit...

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that we have it on good authority that God was right -- two good authorities no less.

Now without such backing we might have thought he got it wrong.

Catherine + said...

+Katharine does just fine on her own, inked. I think it's a woman thing for the conservatives. You just can't get that we are co-heirs in Christ, equal in EVERY way through Christ, part of the royal priesthood. +Katharine is going to take this Church places it has never been, good places full of hope,equality, and positive progress. She has my supportive prayers always.

Jeff Martinhauk said...

What's been occurring to me in the last day or so is that this really goes (or needs to go) for both sides.

Both conservative and liberal, reasserter and reappraiser, or whatever label you slap on it- both sides need to just "love them anyway." Whoever "they" is/are.

Isn't that the message of Jesus? Love your enemies? Love your neighbors? Love comes first?

inked said...

The National Review (print version)
Vol LVIII no.13
July 17, 2006
page: 14

Priceless quote from "The Week":

"Looking down the ranks at the ECUSA bishops who elected her, one cannot help reflecting that bishop Schori's early experience in dealing with invertebrates will prove very useful to her in her new post."

cahterine, I thought you'd appreciate this one! Witty and razor sharp!