Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Don't tell me what you believe ...

[Verna Dozier: 1998 in the Church of the Advocate, Philadelphia]

... tell me what difference it makes that you believe." -- Verna Dozier

As the loudest voices in the church today keep insisting “tell me what you believe and I’ll tell you whether you belong” take a moment ... or two or three or four ... with me to cleanse your ecclesial palate and read these tributes to Verna Dozier ... prophet, teacher, preacher, and champion of the ministry of the baptized.

And remember what a difference it is made in so many lives that she believed!

And pray that we might be given the grace to go and do likewise.

"Truly Verna" by Michael Hopkins

Washington Post

Episcopal News Service

Jane Holmes Dixon in “The Witness”

“Remembering Ms. Verna” by Elizabeth Kaeton

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Jeff Martinhauk said...

I love the way you framed the opening - the contrast between the Dozier quote of evangelism through action-- showing people the difference that faith makes in our lives, and contrasting it with the voices around us that make noise about dogma and the rules for the sake of rules; forgetting the impact that the faith has on our lives and replacing it with a hollow shell of form over function.

Verna Dozier had such a wonderful way of articulating that vision and more. She will be missed.