Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mark Harris Rocks!

Don't miss his reflections on the just concluded meeting of bishops in New York, aptly entitled: Well, the Skunk is on the Table


Unknown said...

Mark is right. The Moderator is wrong. There is only one Episcopal Church. Love it or leave it. Personally, I left it. I think those who feel as I do should do the same.

Will said...

I came to the Episcopal church after 40 years as a Fundamentalist. My life in the Fundamentalist movement nearly killed me. My life as an Episcopalian has been one step after another of continual healing, and I can't imagine leaving it. Of course I agree with Mark Harris ... there is only one Episcopal Church. I also agree with Thomas+. Love it or leave it. I wish you well on your journey, and I agree that those who feel as you do should do the same. For TEC as well as for those whose vision is in the break away Anglican churches, it would enable us all to get on with the lives and work to which Christ has called us.