Friday, September 22, 2006

Gauntlet from "the Global South"

The "Global South" folks have concluded their confab in Rwanda. The meeting has, of course, concluded with the release of a yet-another-statement -- this one called the "Kigali Communiqué"-- which will, I'm sure, be the subject of much conversation, debate, dissection and differences-of-opinion. The entire statement is available online on the Global Anglican South website but here -- for my money -- is the gauntlet toss from Akinola et al:

10-b. At the next meeting of the Primates in February 2007 some of us will not be able to recognize Katharine Jefferts Schori as a Primate at the table with us. Others will be in impaired communion with her as a representative of The Episcopal Church. Since she cannot represent those dioceses and congregations who are abiding by the teaching of the Communion we propose that another bishop, chosen by these dioceses, be present at the meeting so that we might listen to their voices during our deliberations.

There's more about forming a "separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA" etc, etc, etc. but if this doesn't send a message loud and clear to the ABofC, the ACO and whatever other combos there are in this increasingly dense Anglican Alphabet Soup that nothing short of schism will appease these this bunch I don't know what will!

The gauntlet is down ... let's see whether Canterbury has the wisdom, courage and/or backbone to deal with it.


John Gibson said...

Canterbury? Backbone? Surely you jest!

The report on is that they're considering separate "sections" for them and us, but we might all still call ourselves Anglicans. Aside from an instinctive aversion to segregation, I must say, I find the proposal somewhat interesting. Face it, having separate "sections" hasn't caused Judaism any problems I'm aware of.

Jeff Martinhauk said...

Certainly your quote is the most inflammatory remark, but this one comes in a close second:

"We are convinced that the time has now come to take initial steps towards the formation of what will be recognized as a separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA." etc.

I like the first blogger's response on their web site-- that they certainly seem to be a little contradictory in spending all this time on this issue when they acknowledge having so many other pressing issues at hand.

I find myself reading this stuff and just yawning... it's just all starting to look the same.

They don't like it; they see it only through their eyes; they don't remember that history has a very pluralistic view of Christianity and not a narrow one; they want to impose their way because somehow they are given the gift of the "truth" while the rest of us have been "misled" into believing the wrong thing.

I say let's get on with it. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've got ministry work to do and I'm tired of letting Akinola, Duncan, Anderson, Iker, and the like suck up the time when I could otherwise be glorifying God.


Tony Seel said...

Susan, I also hope that the ABC has the wisdom, courage, and backbone to deal with it. Clearly, the majority of the Anglican Communion is saying that ecusa must repent or be disciplined. Clearly, the majority understand that ecusa continues to walk further away from the AC. Clearly it is time to discipline errant ecusa.

Will said...

Jeff ... your last paragraph says concisely what I've been thinking for a while now. What's the point of thinking that this is anything but what it is. And I thought the Fundamentalists were something else .. oh wait, these ARE Fundamentalists.

Will said...

Mark Harris+, at his blog Preludium, has written yet another excellent piece that compliments RevSusan+ article here. Because of my lifelong involvement in the fundamentalist church (and their all too frequent fractures), prior to my coming to TEC, I agree wholeheartedly with Mark+ when he says that before Lambeth there will be further schism originating from the GS. If ABC doesn't "get it" now .. just wait until ++Akinola decides that God told him HE is to be the new head of the Anglican Communion. Just wait ...

Lisa said...

You're right, of course, Susan. The Episcopal Majority offers some additional thoughts here: