Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update on SW Florida

The conversation continues about the sad news that the Bishop of Southwest Florida has "uninvited" the Bishop of New Hampshire to speak at Saint Boniface Episcopal, Sarasota in January.

Fr Jake offers this new button to add to your collection ...

... along with contact information for the Bishop of Southwest Florida:
The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith can be contacted at:
7313 Merchant Court
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 556-0315
Toll-free: (800) 992-7699
Fax: (941) 556-0321
... and Fr. Jake also offers this this reminder: Remember to show respect for the office by being courteous.
And may I just say: AMEN!


Jake said...

I can't take credit for the button. Found a link to it over at the Episcopal Cafe. I have no idea who created it.

I will take credit for editing the shadow out of the button pic, however!

john said...

I think what happened in that diocese, while sad, is completely predictable. Given what we've seen for the past decade or more, how could anyone possibly believe they have ever had the slightest intention of listening to anyone? This is not a polite debate, this is a zero-sum game and the sooner we understand that, the more likely we won't be left with the zero.

Allen said...

Speaking of Listening:

In THE TRIAL of eleven churches going on right now in Virginia, the Presiding Bishop admitted that her word isn't worth much after all. After the February Dar Commmunique, the PB smiled and said that she agreed with the message. The latest from the court? She said several things in her deposition - including finally admitting under oath that when asked if she agreed with the Primates Dar es Salaam Comminque after repeatedly being asked (and giving evasive answers) she finally said no. Period.

The whole Anglican world heard that.

David Austin Allen said...

After the February Dar Communiqué, the PB smiled and said that she agreed with the message.

As I remember it, she never once said that she agreed with it. She said that she would receive it and return and present it to the House of Bishops. The only person who I recall publicly stating that she acceded to it was ++Gomez.

I never believed that she agreed to it. It goes against everything she has ever stood for, even in this time of her trying to stand in the gap.


allen ... along with david austin allen, I "rise" to correct the record: +Katharine, when asked the direct question (by my ownself personally) in a meeting a few weeks after the fact what position she had taken on the Communique in Dar es Salaam said she had agreed to bring it back to the Episcopal Church.

"So you didn't sign it, as has been resporte," she was asked.

"Nobody signed anything," she said.

As for what the "whole Anglican world heard" I say good for her.

Allen said...

But, what about this? At Dar the Archbishop of Canterbury changed the usual method of decision by consensus and required each of the Primates to stand and declare whether or not he (or she) agreed to the text of a Communique that contained the Primates' shared commitments for the future. Each of the 34 Primates STOOD and said "yes" to the Communique. Katharine Jefferts Schori, said "Yes, but I'll have trouble selling it" to her fellow American bishops.

She said "Yes." She could have, but did not, issue a minority report. She later claimed that "she never signed it." None of the Primates SIGNED it. They STOOD in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury and VERBALLY agreed to it. Is the Archbishop of Canterbury lying? All the other Primates, too?