Tuesday, March 04, 2008

As Ohio Goes?????

Quote of the night:
"Together, we will turn promises into action,
words into solutions
and hope into reality."

Well, at least it isn't dull!

Clinton takes Ohio ... MSNBC

UPDATE: 9:50 ... MSNBC calls Texas for Clinton!
Go Figure!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...


RonF said...

So, what about Florida and Michigan? Do they seat those delegations? Do they not seat them? Do they find a way to re-select the delegates?

There are people who have maintained that it's unconstitutional to ignore those delegations entirely. I don't see that - the Democratic Party is a private organization and it can choose it's own rules for selecting a candidate. But it seems to me that the party will be shooting itself in the foot if it simply ignores Florida and Michigan.

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Jim of L-Town said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

The quote of the night sounds like one of those vacuous statements that Hillary always accuses Barack of saying.

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim from Michigan

Lindy said...

We came through for you in Texas too!