Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's "one down, one to go" in the bishop-suffragan consent process as the Diocese of Los Angeles announced yesterday that the Reverend Canon Diane Jardine Bruce has received the consents necessary to confirm her election as the first woman bishop in the diocese's history.

So may I just take a moment of personal privilege to say:

I am delighted at so many levels there isn't time to "unpack" it all and still get on with the work on my plate today. But as someone who grew up in this diocese at a time when girls couldn't even be ACOLYTES ... who remembers two sister priests literally flipping a coin at a diocesan convention to decide which one would run for General Convention Deputy because there was no WAY the diocese would elect TWO WOMEN ... it is a deep delight and great joy to be able to celebrate another crack in that stained glass ceiling.

It is also a PERSONAL delight for me, as Diane and I started our ordination journey together as part of the same MSY (Ministry Study Year) class ... the year BEFORE seminary. We shared classes in Claremont, were priested together on January 17, 1998, I was the MC for her installation as Rector of St. Clement's in San Clemente and she read the gospel at our wedding -- which was four years ago this VERY day. (Yes, Happy Anniversary to us! :)

So here's to love and joy and mission and ministry and all the great gifts we've been given as we move ahead together into God's future. AND here's to Bishop Suffragan-elect Diane ... faithful priest, fabulous friend and soon-to-be Bishop in the Church of God! How blessed are WE!
[PS -- And in the midst of all the joy at this good news, here's a little reality check: The Episcopal Church has been ordaining women since 1974 and it's been 21 years since +Barbara Harris became the first woman bishop in 1989. Diane Bruce will be the 16th woman in the House of Bishops. And Mary Glasspool -- when her consents all come in -- with be the 17th. So when someone asks you how many women bishops there are, the answer -- clearly -- is "Not Enough!"]


IT said...

Huge congratulations to a well-qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Let me add my voice to yours in congratulating Bishop-Elect Diane Jardine Bruce on getting her consents and your personal joy on being part of her journey.

Although my church cannot ordain women, our bishop tells us that we must respect the traditions of others. Will Bishop-Elect Bruce be consecrated soon or will they wait for consents on Bishop-Elect Glasspool and do both of them together.

Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

Diane is God's blessing on the Church Catholic.


Jill ... both ordinations are scheduled at one fabulous liturgy on Saturday, May 15th in Long Beach. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will be the presiding.