Tuesday, June 01, 2010

By George, I think she's got it!

(A solution to the Anglican Impasse, that is.)

"Invite everyone to the eucharist. Those who come and share are Anglicans in communion. Those who don't or won't are something else. That should settle the property disagreements too."
-- S. Huston on her blog


Anonymous said...

But won't it depend (sadly) on who issues the invitation?

Katie B said...

Brian, I think Jesus was the one who issued the invitation to the eucharist, right?

Word Verification: mater--;)

MadPriest said...

This won't work. Because real Anglicans will happily share communion with non-Anglicans. It would seem a bit rude to insist that from henceforth our Methodist, RC, Baptist etc. friends should refer to themselves as Anglicans - albeit exactly what God would want :-)

Anonymous said...

Katie is correct. So we are in communion with whosoever joins us at the Lord's table.