Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Postcard from Alet Les Bains

It was hard to decide which picture to post as our "postcard" from Alet Les Bains where we spent a SPLENDID several days with our good friend Tony Jewiss ... who retired from his staff position at 815 2nd Avenue (AKA "The National Church") to the South of France and was pressed into service as the Vicar of Limoux. (There's TOTALLY a screenplay here, if any of you "industry" types are listening!)

But I ended up with this shot of the ruins of the Abbaye du Alet Les Bains in the village.

ANYWAY ... beautiful scenery, fabulous wine, great company -- truly a FABULOUS place to add to your "if I'm ever in France" itinerary.

And now ... off to Paris to finish up the trip!

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