Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A response to Archbishop Rowan's Pentecost letter

From the Bishop of California's reflections on the Archbishop of Canterbury's "Pentecost Letter:"
When an Empire and its exponents can no longer exercise control by might, an option is to feint, double-talk, and manipulate. Such tactics have been in the fore with Archbishop Rowan since the confirmation of Gene Robinson as the Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003. The deployment of the Windsor Report and the manipulation of the Lambeth Conference, as cited above, are prime examples. The archbishop’s Pentecost letter is the most recent example.
1 -- Go, +Marc!
2 -- Read the rest here.


MarkBrunson said...


A bishop who can finally speak the truth to authority!

MarkBrunson said...

Wait til you see the hissies being enacted at Thinking Anglicans -

Why how dare one of us liberals stands up on hind legs and demands to be treated like an adult human being!