Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday at Notre Dame

From the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris liturgie:

"The bread distributed during mass has a high significance for Christians: it is the body of Christ their Lord and God. If you do not share our faith in the living presence of Christ in the eucharistic bread, we ask you not to join your neighbours at communion time."

I found it somewhat ironic to find a more inclusive welcome to the communion table at Notre Dame than we're getting in many corners of the Anglicandom. Who'd have thunk it?


musculars said...

Now that is a vacation! It so reminded me of a my secomd arrival in Paris. The first place I stopped was Notre Dame and I was so tired I fell asleep in the chairs only to awaken a few hours later to an awareness that my passport was lost. I had to get on the phone and for truly the first time speak french to get ahold of the embassy.(From then on out I spoke nothing but french for the next two years) I was pleasantly informed that the captain of the plane I arrived on found it on the tamarac and had given it to the police a few blocks away.
It seems everyone goes to Notre Dame first. Amusez-vous bien and hold fast to your passport!

Sidney said...

You went the THEIR cathedral instead of OUR cathedral?

Shame on ya. :-P

Philip Lowe, Jr. said...

Wow!! The way they say it in the Catholic church in America is that it is with great sadness that due to the divisions in the Church those who are not Catholic are not welcome to receive Holy Communion with us." Among the things I love about being Episcopalian, is that the Table of the Lord is open to all.

Patricia Brush said...

I an Anglican who "believes in one holy, catholic and apostolic church" so I always take communion when I am in a Roman Catholic church. And besides, I do what Jesus wants me to do not the whims of some self important hierarchy.

DavidJustinLynch said...

I hope you in fact went to communion.

DavidJustinLynch said...

Should I ever visit Notre Dame, I WILL go to communion. So should every one else. No ecclesiastical organization or member of the clergy owns or controls the Body and Blood of Jesus, which He gave freely for ALL.