Monday, October 04, 2010

A Blog Surfing "BRAVO!" to Colin Coward!

So I was blog surfing as I'm home today with a head cold and it seemed a good "low energy" way to spend a rainy Monday morning when there's nothing on television and I don't have the attention span to read an actual book. In my surfing, I found this post I loved by Tobias Haller over at "In a Godward Direction" wherein he describes:
... a previously identified, but extremely furtive and secretive form of Anglican wildlife, thought by many to be very rare (although no one knows how rare due to the aforementioned furtiveness). The shy and reclusive mammal belongs to the family Anglicana, genus Episcopus, and the species is denominated E. closeti after its normal habitat.
That post led me to this one -- by Changing Attitudes' Colin Coward -- who is a long-time colleague and was one of our partners in 2008 at Lambeth Conference. You'll want to read it all, but here's the "Bravo!" part:
Until the culture of fear and secrecy in the Church of England changes, the bigotry is challenged and our Church becomes a place which is free from prejudice against LGBT people, the Episcopal Church will remain the only place where LGBT people can come out and be elected as bishops. I’m tempted to start a new campaign. The culture of secrecy, intimidation and abuse in the Church of England has got to be challenged, undermined and changed.
Amen. And again I say, AMEN!

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