Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Boycott Boys Are Back!

As reported in today's CHURCH TIMES:

"If Jefferts Schori is at meeting, I won’t come, says Primate"

I guess it wouldn't be a Primates Meeting if someone didn't threathen not to come if someone else DID come but it's starting already for the January meeting of the Anglican primates in Ireland. And because I swear you would not believe it if you didn't read it yourself, here ya go:

Primates of the Global South are expected to meet this month to discuss whether they will refuse en masse to attend.

They are being encouraged to attend by, among others, the presid­ent of the American Anglican Coun­cil, the Rt Revd David Anderson, a suffragan bishop within the Con­vocation of Anglicans in North America, who has posted a letter on a website urging traditionalist bishops to go to the meeting.

In a bizarre suggestion, he advises that Dr Jefferts Schori be shut out of the room, or removed “by force of numbers” if she attends. If Dr Williams objects to this, the meeting could go ahead in a separate room without him.

I would strongly advise the orthodox Prim­ates to: 1) organise before the Prim­ates’ Meeting; and 2) attend and remove by force of numbers the Pre­sid­ing Bishop of the American Epis­copal Church (not physically, but by either voting her off the ‘island’, or reces­sing to another room and not letting her in.)
I guess the only surprising this is that we can still be suprised at what comes from David I-Like-A-Good-Fight Anderson. Honestly -- does this sound like a Monty Python skit or WHAT???

Anyway, that's the lastest from Bishops Behaving Badly. More news as it breaks.

And just in case any of them are reading this, if they DO decide to recess to another room and not let her in, they might want to bring bath towels from their rooms to stuff along the crack under the doorjam lest the girl cooties crawl under and BITE them where they least expect it! (It could happen!)


Dan Beavers said...

Susan, It sounds like boys afraid of girls to me. Jesus came to invite everyone to the feast and some in the church have been trying for 2000 years to make it a private dinner.

romesq said...

Would someone please remind me why our Episcopal Church continues to pay for these parties? There are so many other ways to effect mission in the world. Why should we continue to support financially this institutional disaster? If other members of the AC were to have to pay the freight to support it, perhaps they might consider whether their funds could be put to better use actually helping those who seek God in their own countries.

uffda51 said...

This seems to me a bogus attempt by some to nullify the result of a proper democratic election in the name of ideology. In other words, an Anglican version of Birthers. v. Obama.

Just for the record, speaking as a heterosexual male, most of us got over our cootie phobia by the age of eleven.