Monday, January 17, 2011

A Post-Tucson Observation

I saw it on Facebook this afternoon ... PBS's Mark Shields sharing this Post-Tucson observation by Maine historian Allen Ginsberg:
"Last week we saw a white Catholic male Republican judge murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year-old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean American combat surgeon, and this all was eulogized by our African American President. That's a remarkable statement about our country." ~ Mark Shields, PBS<>
And I couldn't resist sharing it (there and here) on this Martin Luther King Day.

I think it's a window of hope that while we may not yet be the nation Dr. King dreamed we will be one day, we are further on the road toward that dream because of him and others who dared to dream, to challenge and to love our country into making liberty and justice for all a reality we live -- not just a pledge we make.


Ann said...

When I tried to post this to FB -- I got a message that your site has been blocked by them??


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