Thursday, May 23, 2013

AKA "An Inch At A Time" ...

The word just in that the Boy Scouts have lifted their ban against gay scouts but will continue to discriminate against gay leaders calls to mind the challenge to "set audacious goals and to celebrate incremental victories." Today’s decision by the Boy Scouts is absolutely an incremental victory to celebrate -- even as we renew our commitment to work toward the audacious goal of ending homophobic based discrimination. Period.


RonF said...

This will present challenges. However, I remain committed to being a member of what I consider to be the finest youth-serving movement in the world. I pray that this was the right decision and that we will be able to keep all Scouts safe.


"Safe?" Seriously?

I pray that we will be able -- someday and by the grace of God -- to keep ALL of our kids safe from the wages of homophobia.

ALL kids. Scouts or not. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight or somewhere in between. ALL kids.

This decision is one step on the journey of making Scouts safer from homophobia and a step closer to fully inclusive Scouting when the ban on gay and lesbian leaders is lifted.

And before the "this isn't about homophobia" knee jerk kicks in, do some remedial reading. Here. I'll help:




An extreme and irrational fear of homosexuality and homosexual people.

What needs healing isn't homosexuality, it's homophobia. What we need to keep our kids "safe" from aren't other kids who are gay -- it's adults who spread the virus an irrational fear of gay people.

OK. I'm done now. Thanks for getting my blood moving by getting on my last gay nerve first thing in the morning. Heading to the airport now to go see my kids. Hasta la later!