Monday, May 06, 2013

Some Breaking Dio L.A. News???

Coming in kind of under the radar ... and with the always present caveat of "reader beware" to anything from our friend George Conger (sorry, George -- sad but true!) ... there is this piece posted on May 2nd to the blog "Anglican Ink:"

Los Angeles wins summary judgment in Newport Beach property case:
Court hands property to Diocese of Los Angeles

In a ruling for summary judgment handed down on 1 May 2013 Judge Kim Dunning ordered the parish to hand its multi-million dollar properties over to the Diocese of Los Angeles. In her decision, Judge Dunning said the Episcopal Church’s rules governing parish property on the diocesan and national level took precedence over civil property and trust laws. She dismissed as non-binding a 1991 letter signed by the then Canon to the Ordinary D. Bruce MacPherson, later to become the Bishop of Western Louisiana, on behalf of Bishop Frederick Borsch that released the diocese’s claim to the property.
Stay tuned and let justice roll!

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