Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just another day at work in the Fields of the Lord ...

Just took a call from a gentleman who saw my rector Ed Bacon on Oprah this weekend and wanted me to explain how we could justify "homosexual marriage."
I said I'd be happy to explain our position to him and he thanked me and assured me he wanted to "have a civil conversation."
He managed to make it through my "how we read the Bible" spiel and the part where "good people of deep faith read the same Scriptures and come to different conclusions about a variety of issues" part.
But when we got to the part where he asked me what I thought the "Founding Fathers" would think and I said I thought men who were willing to reject the Divine Right of Kings in their generation would be on board with Marriage Equality in ours he told me I was "one sick puppy" and hung up.

There endeth the "civil conversation."

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Pfalz prophet said...

Oh dear, you dissed his gaggle of gods, the ever-blessed Founding Fathers, they whose words are to be revered (and undiscussed) forever and ever, Amen. A pity that he knows so little of the political history of our Revolution and the outrageous ideas that formed the Declaration of Independence and, eventually, the Constitution. Another failure of our wonderful education system.