Thursday, March 27, 2014

Franklin Graham: Making Jesus Look Bad One Interview At A Time

Seriously. If you were going to write a parody of a right-wing Christian anti-gay rant you couldn't do better than Franklin Graham did yesterday in his inteview with the Charlotte Observer -- throwing in just about every fear mongering homophobic sound bite he could think of ... including, of course, the disclaimer that "he's not homophobic."


And -- for the record -- he's tired of being "demonized" by the "gay lesbian movement."

Guess what? I'm tired of folks like Graham making Jesus look bad and convincing yet another boatload of people that they know enough about being a Christian not to want to be one. Seriously.

So of course I blogged about it -- over at the Huffington Post. Check it out. Cheers!

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Unknown said...

Nicely done, Susan. I enjoyed your posting over at HuffPost.
Lou Poulain
from Sunnyvale CA