Saturday, March 01, 2014

#stormwatch 2014

It's true that even a hint of rain in the forecast can put local SoCal news stations on "storm watch" and open us up to the riducule of those around the country who live where there is "actual weather."

AND ...

... this is actual weather:

That small green blob west of Palmdale is over us right now ... with the heavy stuff coming this afternoon.

For me -- for us -- it just means fending off the water that runs off down the driveway and (on a bad day) through the garage into the backhouse. (Exhibit A: Emily pushing water away from the garage door and toward the storm drain last night.)

Messy. Inconvenient. Annoying. Frustrating.

AND ...

... neighbors up the hill are dealing with mud and rock flows from the recent wildfires threatening houses and foundations and filling up backyards and swimming pools.

So we totally need the rain. And I'm sitting here working on a attitude of gratitude for it. Even while I have one eye on the Doppler Radar and the raincoat and push-brooms by the back door at the ready -- and TONS of gratitude for all the first responders out there dealing with a lot more than just water down the driveway.


RonF said...

We get flooding in Chicago, too - although it's more of an issue of the river overflowing and rising up to where basements get flooded, not one of mudslides and moving water endangering lives. Stay safe.

RonF said...

The kids in the Troop were joking about the brutally cold weather we've been having in the Chicago area. I told them "Joke if you want, but people are going to die tonight because of this." That quieted them down.