Tuesday, March 04, 2014

stewards of the story: words of wisdom on the cusp of lent

Love this reflection from Steven Charleston -- seen on FB this morning. As we head into Lent and look toward Easter and beyond, it sums up (for me) in a very few words both the power and privilege of being stewards of the story -- the Gospel story and our own stories -- as we claim our history and live into our future as people of God.

Last night I met with a group of Native American scholars with whom I am working on a project of both mind and heart. It was a quiet gathering, a simple sharing of ideas and visions, but the feeling it created within me has lasted well into this new day.

Tradition is wisdom collected.
Wisdom is experience gathered.
Experience is life encountered.
We are all scholars of our own story
and of other stories we learn through love.
When we share what we know,
what we value,
we spin a force of the Spirit
that reaches back to ancient campfires
and out to a tomorrow
we cannot yet imagine.

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