Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Schism Squelched

Closer to home, a looming schism in the Brooks-Russell household has been avoided by a mediated settlement that has been embraced by both sides of the dispute.

The humans who have been spending so much time online obsessed with things Anglican that they were neglecting to pay attention to things Canine have committed to "step away" on a regular and agreed upon basis and return to faciliating trips to the dog park and walks around the block.

Meanwhile, the canines have agreed to quit chewing up everything in sight and chasing the cats in return for their own blog ... harvey and luna ... which will give them an outlet to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns to the world at large.

"It was a hard-won compromise" said one family member. "But in the end it was worth the work to get back to being one big happy famiy again."


Anonymous said...

In the same vein, Pat and I finally got into our pool a few days ago! That means it's officially summer for us. Perhaps this will help us to stop having PTSD dreams about Gen Con!

Catherine + said...

My Shih Tzu has his own blog too, called Wigwag's Pad. He has to bribe me into typing for him but its a fairly well negotiated arrangement. And he is sick of GC06 stuff too but then I don't tell him what I do on MY blog!


Catherine + said...

I just remembered: What? No photo documenting the negotiations including all rival parties? What kind of reporting is THAT?



Renee in Ohio said...

Daughter in Ohio started a blog for her cat. It started as a joke her dad made about being the only person in the house without a blog. I said in front of her, "Well, Stevie would start a blog, but he doesn't know how to spell 'Meow'!" Next thing I know, the cat's got a blog. ;)