Friday, May 25, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Re: On the Radio
This week's Air America radio show "State of Belief" will include an interview with yours truly about "things Anglican." Their website offers several ways to listen ... check it out and see what you think.

Re: My son in the Army:
For everyone who's written to ask how he is I'm happy to report that he's fine. I heard from him yesterday. It's getting back to in-the-100s in Kirkuk and so "the weather sucks" but he got to see Spiderman 3 and appreciated the cookies we sent. (He's not the talkative one in the family so that about covers it!)

Re: For Fun
If you've ever preached a sermon or listened to a sermon I virtually guarantee you will not fail to be amused by Father Matthew's video giving you the preacher's-eye-view of the fine art of sermon writing.

Finally, a little Q & A:
Q. Why do you continue to refuse to post on this blog information on the Scandinavian Study "proving" that gays die young?
A. Because it is a roundly debunked pseudo-scientific report which was commissioned by the Family Research Institute -- an ontologically homophobic organization with no objective credibility whatsoever. Here endeth the explanation -- and (I hope) questions on this matter.

(Here also endeth the "bits and pieces!")

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