Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fort Worth Bound

Heading off to Fort Worth momentarily
for our spring Integrity Board meeting.
Prayers for safe travel and a productive meeting invited.
More as sporadic online access allows!


muthah+ said...

If you are gay, lesbian, female and ordained, progressive, liberal or Episcopalian, this sign does not apply to you.

Fut Wuth is a wonderful town but it is better if you happen to be Methodist.

PseudoPiskie said...

Prayers ascending for the Diocese of Ft Worth that they may hear and heed the special presence of the Holy Spirit among them during the Integrity gathering. And of course for your safety and inspiration.

Susan Russell said...

for the record ... "leave your comment" is not code for "leave a long article by a theologian who I think is smarter and more faithful than you are."

"leave a comment" means tell us what YOU think ...


BabyBlue said...

What do you make of the Bishop of Newark's letter, Susan?


Anonymous said...

what I think?
I think he's smarter and more faithful than you are

Susan Russell said...

babyblue ... I think it is more transparent than usual for an epsicopal missive. what did you think?