Sunday, May 06, 2007

Say What????

"Our desire is not to interfere with what
they're (the Episcopal Church) doing.
We just don't agree with it."


Anonymous said...

But because ++Peter IS an Anglican bishop, he IS interfering. Is Mimms an idiot? or does he really think that he has started a new denomination in the US?

Anonymous said...

Send him a Virtual Pie-in-the-Face:

It's the newest CANA ritual!


anonymous ... "pies in the face" seemed kind of amusing when I watched Soupey Sales when I was about six but in today's polarized climate it seems to me that we are called to take whatever is left of the "high road" whenever possible and naming all acts of disrespect as contrary to our call to obey our Lord's "Eleventh Commandment."

I'm happy to keep up the pressure by speaking truth to the powers working overtime to undermine the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church but "pie throwing" -- either literally or vitually -- just doesn't work for me.

PseudoPiskie said...

I agree, Susan, and I would never even consider doing something like that. But it is extremely difficult to keep a straight face.

Ann said...

It worries Paul Asay in Colorado Springs - pies today - what is next? Check HERE

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Akinola is meddling bigtime and Minns and his crowd are out to set up another church in this country, but are those of us who are happy with where the Episcopal Church is (and not exactly heartbroken that the 'phobes don't want to be in the same church with the rest of us) playing this one right?

Several things have been obvious to me for years. First, the "issues" which divide us are not susceptible of compromise.

Second, "reconciliation" has, at best, been a ruse - there was never any hope of the Right being reconciled to the direction of the Church.

Third, negotiation and compromise require, at a minimum, entering into the process in good faith. Good faith has been lacking, certainly on their side.

Fourth, haven't we been beating this horse long past its expiration; isn't it time to bury the carcass and just move on?

Personally, if Minns & Co. want to go, I say hold the door open for them. Let property issues be resolved as they should be, according to the laws of the 50 states (and the District of Columbia). We'll win some and we'll lose some. And let's pour the effort we've been squandering for ten years or longer on coming to terms with people who plainly have no interest whatsoever in coming to terms with us - let's pour that effort nto "reconciling" with people we might actually be reconciled with - the Methodists, the Congregationalists, and others who over the past 200-or-so years have parted ways with the Episcopal Church.

Speaking just for myself (and as a former Methodist), I have a hell of a lot more in common with them than I ever will with Peter Akinola or Martyn Minns.